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Bachelor’s / Accounting

Accounting, B.S.

Access the latest accounting databases, data feeds, and analysis software used widely in today’s workplaces. Delivered by the AACSB-accredited Pompea College of Business, the program is built to help you finish your accounting degree, prepare for your CPA licensure exam, and build a successful career in accounting. Transfer up to 90 credits and graduate sooner.

Bachelor’s / Business

Business Management, B.S.

Gain business and management skills to propel your career and thrive in the global business environment with this online program from the AACSB-accredited Pompea College of Business. Our experienced faculty deliver a holistic overview of fundamental business practices, such as managing staff, developing workable action plans, and accomplishing major goals. Transfer up to 90 credits and graduate sooner.

Master’s / Healthcare


Get the training you need to become a licensed professional counselor and pursue optional community development or forensic mental health concentrations in this low-residency program.

Master’s / Healthcare

MA in CMHC: Forensic Mental Health Concentration

The forensic mental health concentration prepares students for counseling specifically focused on offenders or victims in forensic settings. You will learn how criminal justice relates to professional counseling through coursework in forensic assessment, abnormal psychology, law, and more.

Master’s / Business


Specialize your studies with concentration options in business analytics, data analytics (STEM), and global supply chain management to to differentiate your program of study and further your career.

Master’s / Business

MBA: Business Analytics

Build your technical proficiency and learn to predict buyer behavior to make strategic decisions within your organization.

Master’s / Business

MBA: Data Analytics (STEM)

Learn to analyze organizational data from multiple sources to enhance business operations and empower innovation.

Master’s / Business

MBA: Global Supply Chain Management

Maximize profit and efficiency in your organization and learn to make integrated decisions that drive growth.

Master’s / Healthcare

Healthcare Administration, MHA

Develop the skills you need to become a leader in today’s dynamic and complex healthcare system with southern New England’s only CAHME-accredited MHA program.

Master’s / Healthcare

Public Health, MPH

Get qualified for careers on the frontlines of public health and customize your degree with focus areas in global health, health education and promotion, and health informatics in this STEM-designated program.

Master’s / Accounting, Business

Accounting, MS

Prepare for the CPA exam and choose from forensics and artificial intelligence analytics (STEM) concentrations for career advancement in the accounting field.

Master’s / Accounting, Business

Accounting, MS: Accounting Analytics (STEM)

This STEM-designated concentration features cutting-edge topics like database management, data visualization, and machine learning to enhance your knowledge in an emerging skill area.

Master’s / Accounting, Business

Accounting, MS: Forensics

Develop your skills in areas like forensic auditing and business valuation to prepare for high-demand careers in the growing field of forensic accounting.

Master’s / Business

Business Analytics, M.S.

Explore the profit potential of data across all business areas and learn how to deploy predictive analytics, machine learning, and data visualization for maximum results. Delivered by the AACSB-accredited Pompea College of Business, this fully online program includes industry-leading concentrations in Global Supply Chain Management and Marketing Analytics.

Master’s / Business

Business Analytics, M.S.: Global Supply Chain Management

Learn how to use global supply chains to provide quality products and services to businesses and organizations. The concentration includes instruction in key supply chain metrics, procurement and outsourcing, supplier selection, logistics, and more. You’ll graduate ready to oversee supply chain integration and coordination for the best customer service.

Master’s / Business

Business Analytics, M.S.: Marketing Analytics

Learn to develop and use analytics algorithms to evaluate a significant amount of marketing data from multiple sources. The concentration includes instruction in marketing strategy, customer metrics, online marketing, and more.

Master’s / Business, Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Management and Leadership, MS

Expand your knowledge of cybersecurity and risk management approaches to prepare for in-demand careers in the rapidly growing cybersecurity field.

Master’s / Business

Esports Business, MS

Gain industry-specific competencies to prepare for success in the emerging field of esports with the first esports business master’s program in North America.