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Online B.S. in Business Management Courses

Curriculum Details

121 total credits required

In addition to general education requirements, the University of New Haven’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Management includes 30 credits in the Business Core, 24 credits in the Business Management major, and 26 credits worth of free electives.

Our business management program features The Business Core, eleven cutting-edge, business-focused courses that educate the whole student. This cross-functional curriculum encompasses different disciplines to provide a holistic business perspective.

The AACSB-accredited business management bachelor’s degree can be completed fully online. Your time to complete the program can vary based on how many credits you can transfer. Most students finish the program in two to four years.

Business Core (30 Credits) (11 Courses)


Deals primarily with reporting the financial results of operations and financial position to investors, managers, and other interested parties. Emphasizes the role of accounting information in decision making.
Prerequisite: ACCT 1101. The application of accounting in relation to current planning and control, evaluation of performances, special decisions, and long-range planning. Stress is on cost analysis. Additional topics include income tax planning, product costing, and quantitative techniques.

An overview of the legal system as it relates to the operation of a business. Topics will include those relating to the establishment and continuity of business relationships, including contracts, sales, partnerships, corporations, agency law, and business ethics, and those regulating business activities, including consumer protection, environmental, employment, and antitrust laws.

Prerequisites: ACCT 1101, MATH 1107 or higher. An introduction to the principles of financial management from the perspective of the corporate financial manager and the impact of financial markets and institutions on that managerial function.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing. The fundamental functions of marketing involving the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers. Marketing methods of promotion, pricing, product decisions, and distribution channels.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing. A study of management systems as they apply to all organizations. Managerial functions, principles of management, and other aspects of the management process are examined.
Prerequisites: ENGL 1112 or ENGL 1113, sophomore standing. This course introduces the student to the complexities of ethical behavior within the business environment and examines the impact of different demographic groups on various types of organizations.
Prerequisites: FINC 2213, MGMT 2210, MKTG 2200. An examination of how organizations exercise strategy to achieve competitive advantage. Students will make use of analytic frameworks that enable firms to think critically about how to best achieve organizational goals. Case studies, simulations, and live client examples are key elements to this capstone experience.
Prerequisite: BANL 1100. This course provides methodology of the design, analysis, and evaluation of management information systems (MIS). Topics include organizational implications of information technology, planning and control systems, implementation of an integrated system, technical treatment of MIS management, and application of computers via computer packages in business environments.
Prerequisite: BANL 1100. This course focuses on the process of creating goods and services. Concepts, functions, and basic techniques of operations management are reviewed. Topics include decision-making, forecasting, scheduling, project management, production planning, inventory management, and quality control. Emphasis will be on quantitative methods and hands-on problem solving. The course includes a team analysis of a real world operations problem.
This class ensures student completion of experiential learning components for College of Business programs. By the end of their program of study, students must have completed 16 points of activities from the College of Business Professional Enrichment Program during their tenure at the University of New Haven. They also must have successfully completed either (i) a three-credit internship; (ii) a three-credit practicum in the major field of study; (iii) an officially designated Academic Service Learning course; (iv) three credits of faculty-mentored research or (v) a minimum of ten days of study abroad/study away, earning at least three credits. In cases where the internship, practicum, or research would constitute excess credit, a non-credit internship, practicum, or research in the major field of study that meets the standards of the credited experience may be substituted with approval of the department chair.

Management Major Courses (24 credits – 8 courses)


Prerequisite: MGMT 2210. A survey of the industrial relations and the personnel management system of an organization. Manpower planning/forecasting, labor markets, selection and placement, training and development, compensation, government/employer and labor/management relations.

Prerequisite: MGMT 2210. This course explores issues of social identity, social and cultural diversity, and societal manifestations of oppression as they relate to the workplace. Workforce demographics are rapidly evolving due to changes in birthrates, immigration, legal systems, social attitudes, and economic expansion. Managing businesses and other organizations will require not just contemporary knowledge and technology but the expertise to manage increasing workforce diversity.
Prerequisite: MGMT 2210. An analysis and examination of management and organizational behavior against a background of diversified cultural systems.
Prerequisites: senior standing, MGMT 2210. A rigorous examination of competing concepts of the role of business in society. A capstone, integrative course relating the firm to its environment, including issues arising from aggregate social, political, legal, and economic factors.

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